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Ice-Cream And Beer For Dogs :

Chilled Ice-Cream and Beer for Pets.

Ice-Cream And Beer For Dogs - We know just how much you love your dog! So its only natural to want to share the best moments with them too. Whether it’s a cooling ice-cream on a hot afternoon or enjoying a chilled beer in front of the tele. Waggy Zone and Snuffle have just the products for you. Waggy Zone Ice-Creams contain no added sugar and artificial colour. Dogs can relish desserts with their parents guilt free!! Snuffle is the first dog beer. Technically Snuffle isn't a real beer of course. It contains no alcohol what so ever and it is non-sparkling. Snuffle is made with beef or chicken and malt barley extracts, mineral oils, vitamin B and other doggy goodies for a taste that will have dogs' taste buds twitching. Just like your pint does for you.