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  1. Canes Venatici Nail Cutter
    Canes Venatici Nail Cutter
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Dog Nail Cutter:

Dog Nail Cutter And Clippers.

Dog Nail Cutter - Nail clippers may be a necessary component in your dog’s grooming routine. Some dogs wear their nails down naturally through daily activity and running on hard surfaces while others have nails that grow long and need clipping back on a regular basis and this can be regardless of whether or not the dog runs on hard surfaces. Clipping a dog’s nails is an important part of a dog’s grooming regime if they are not worn down naturally. If they are allowed to grow too long, not only do they become sharp and scratch easily, but they can lead to lameness and which in turn can cause leg joint problems, not to mention that the paws become hugely uncomfortable and painful. A pet parent should choose the type of nail clipper required depending on the breed of dog, the type of nail, length of growth and how often clipping is necessary. Shake Hands stocks a wide range of dog nail cutters and clippers online. We stock a variety of sizes as well, so that pet parents can choose the most suitable clipper based on his/her breed requirements.