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  1. Virbac Episoothe Oatmeal & Chitosanide Shampoo
    Virbac Episoothe Oatmeal & Chitosanide Shampoo
  2. Virbac Petmosol Adore Soap
    Virbac Petmosol Adore Soap
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Dog Soaps And Shampoos

To Clean Your Dog.

Dog Soaps And Shampoos -Cleanliness is so important to the overall health and happiness of dogs. Total body bathing once per week (or more often if your dogs love to roll in puddles or mud) is also very important. Bathing help removes dirt and odors from his skin and coat. A good bath helps make your dog look, feel and smell amazing. The act of bathing is similar to giving a massage, especially as the shampoo is lathered in. This is also a time of positive interaction between you and your dog which strengthens the human-animal bond. Plus, bathing your dogs helps you monitor for skin irritations, lumps and cuts. Some say that weekly bathing strips the dog’s natural skin oils. However this is a myth and also inaccurate. Frequent bathing will usually not dry out the dog’s skin or coat if the proper shampoo is chosen. While some shampoos, typically those made of harsh chemicals, can dry out the skin or coat if used too much, organic shampoos containing natural oils are safe to use whenever needed. Many dog shampoos are specially formulated to encourage frequent bathing. Choosing the right dog soap and shampoo is critical. Pet owners much choose the brand and shampoo requirements based on the specific breed requirements and skin and coat needs of the dog. Find a safe, effective dog shampoo and good soap for your pet. Shop at Shake Hands and find new ways to keep your dog clean and healthy. Choose from a wide selection of dog soaps and shampoo brands including Basil, Bakson’s, Beaphor, Bio-Groom, Bioline, Forbis, Endi, Himalaya, I Love Pet Head, Isle of Dogs, Kennel, Lozalo, Oster, Petkin, Petswill, Wahl, Wildwash,etc