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Canes Venatici
In business since 2012, CANES VENATICI has grown its visibility from three outlets in the capital New Delhi to 2458 outlets across India. Along with fashion and trends, innovation in pet clothing and beddings has given CANES VENATICI an edge world over. Canes Venatici pet clothes and beds has dedicated its research and innovations to bring the best for your furry friends. Canes Venatici are known to introducing water repellent beds with odor control at affordable prices in the Asian market and have now penetrated in some parts of the European market as well with their unique innovations. Canes Venatici pioneered in nano technology for pet beds at bridge to better prices. In addition to fashion and nano technology, Canes Venatici has also introduced over the edge BUGZ FREE technology in its fashion line to keep all kinds of ticks and bugs away from dogs. Product range of Canes Venatici Includes different variety of clothes like T-shirt, Sando, rompers, designer apparel, polos, denims, hoody, winter jacket, frock, tutu and raincoat. It also has high quality water repellent beds and mattress.